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Dr. Fairbourn offers a unique approach to Chiropractic care. She utilizes the Walker Home Run Formula to help patients reach their true potential. With this approach many aspects of health are addressed to treat the cause of physical symptoms and maintain lasting results.

“I was so excited to learn the Home Run Formula when I attended my first Neuro Emotional Technique Seminar in 2004. I was frustrated with seeing some of my patients respond beautifully to chiropractic adjustments while others seemed to only have a slight improvement. I felt like I was missing something with the patients that did not respond as well as I would expect. NET and the Home Run Formula gave me the tools to resolve the root cause of health issues. ”

Home Run Formula

The Home Run Formula was developed based on the fact that many years ago we were able to hold a Chiropractic adjustment much easier then we can today. The reason is that we are exposed to more Chemical and Emotional Stress and we have more nutritional deficiencies as modern crop soils are not as nutrient rich and we eat less home cooked meals. Because subluxations are a result of not only physical stress but emotional and chemical stress as well, we are now more prone to subluxations and don’t often respond as well to a Chiropractic adjustment as we did many years ago. This new approach to Chiropractic adapts to our changing environment so our patients can again have an amazing response to Chiropractic care and live a higher quality of life.

Using this innovative system Dr. Fairbourn evaluates your health on many levels. She evaluates her patients health in 4 areas instead of only looking at ones structural health. The four areas that are easily evaluated and treated are:

Nurtitional: Nutritional needs are addressed if deficiencies are present
Biochemical: Toxins and Allergies that are treated with Homeopathy
Emotional: Stored emotional stress that is treated with Neuro Emotional Technique
Structural: Subluxations (misalignments) that are treated with gentle and precise Activator adjustments or Torque Release Technique (TRT) using a gentle instrument called an Integrator.
In addressing all 4 areas of health Dr. Fairbourn can confidently approach and treat the cause of a patients symptom with Chiropractic care.

Dr. Fairbourn offers relief care and wellness care to her patients.

Her approach is simple. She believes that health is among our most valuable assets. And while she generally meets people after they’ve compromised their health, her commitment is two-fold:

1. Relief Care

When many people seek care in our office they have one goal: relief. So that’s where we start! During this initial stage of intensive care, she has several obligations:

Uncover the underlying cause of the health problem
Suggest a care plan to produce the fastest results possible
Offer ways patients can participate in their recovery
Explain value of post-symptomatic wellness care

2. Wellness Care

Dr. Fairbourn encourages her patients to achieve the highest levels of health they can. Through educational opportunities (like this website), she hopes to communicate the value of ongoing care. Her desire is to see patients abandon the prevailing sickness care model of health (waiting for symptoms and then taking action), in favor of the proactive wellness model.

You’re the Boss

Regardless of your health goals, the type of care you want is up to you; it’s your body, your health and your future. Her job is to offer you the finest care possible, and it’s up to you to decide how much of it you want.

Sound interesting? Please contact our office to make an appointment.

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